Why Join Shift?

As a manufacturer, balancing risk versus reward is a part of your daily routine. The cost of joining Shift is time – there is no monetary cost your participation. We understand your time is  precious and that any investment has to deliver a significant return.

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ShifT offers a structured way to make your plan a reality. equally important are the networking opportunities”
Pat Pierce, lsi-ny

So Why Should You Join Shift?

It’s a place to start.

If you know you need to improve and innovate but don’t know exactly where to start, Shift is designed for you.

It’s achievable.

This program identifies process improvements and technology that you can implement for immediate results.

‍It’s access.

Shift brings together a comprehensive skill set of unparalleled expertise to give you the competitive advantage your business needs.

It’s a community.

You’ll become part of a network that is dedicated to ensuring manufacturing is a thriving and vibrant industry in Western New York.


Shift is a state-funded initiative designed specifically for small- to medium-sized manufacturers.

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