The Partners Behind Shift

Shift is a collaboration of unparalleled expertise. Our partners are dedicated to ensuring our members have everything they need to help their organizations excel.

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence—Only in constant improvement and constant change.”
Tom Peters

EWI is a leading engineering and technology organization and the operational arm of Buffalo Manufacturing Works. They have more than 30 years of experience in providing applied research, manufacturing support and strategic services—and they are one of a select few organizations nationwide that consistently transition technology innovations from proof-of-concept to production. EWI anticipates and develops technologies that have a significant impact on manufacturing competitiveness.

Insyte Consulting is a highly regarded external advisor that has been around for more than 30 years, helping clients improve operational productivity by providing customized solutions. On average, their projects generate a return of $37 for every $1 invested.

Next Street is a boutique consulting firm that provides strategic and financial advice to nonprofits, small to medium-sized businesses, their investors, anchor institutions and government with the goal of maximizing organizational growth, impact, and success in order to drive economic development.

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