Frequently Asked Questions

Shift is a program designed to help small to medium-sized manufacturers transform your business from a managerial mindset to the manufacturing floor. It’s a brand new undertaking and as such, we understand you might have a few questions. If you don’t see your question below, please contact us here

1)     How much of a time commitment will I have to make?

It’s really up to you. Your time commitment will vary based on the engagement level you choose. Most of our workshops are between 4 and 6 hours and can be spread between members of your leadership and management team.


2)     Do I have to take every class in the curriculum?

No. There are two required courses: Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Strategic Planning. After that we will recommend courses based on your Business Assessment, but you can choose what works for your needs and your team’s schedule.


3)     How do you define small to medium-size manufacturing?

Small and medium-sized manufacturers are defined as under 500 employees. These can range small shops with less than 50 employees to family-owned businesses with a few hundred employees.


4)     I’m sharing highly confidential information about my business, what will be done with it?

All of your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared outside of the program.  It will strictly be used to customize the program to fit your needs.

5)     Where does the funding for Shift come from?

Shift is funded through Buffalo Billion Phase II funding to broaden and deepen a long-term impact on Buffalo-Niagara’s manufacturing competitiveness.


6)     I’m not sure where my business is on the innovation spectrum. How do I know where to start?

Once you have completed the Registration Form, we will schedule a Business Assessment meeting or call. This assessment will help us determine where you fall on the innovation spectrum and make recommendations on workshops and tools to move your company forward.