About Shift

Innovative technology levels the playing field for small to medium-sized manufacturers. It allows them to produce better, faster and more efficiently. However, in a world where time is a capital expenditure few can afford, accessing that innovation can seem like an insurmountable barrier.

Shift is a program from Buffalo Manufacturing Works that removes those obstacles at no cost to the participating manufacturer. 

It’s an accessible and essential first step for those who don’t know how or where to start the process of identifying and investing in achievable and implementable technology.

The program’s purpose is to tailor solutions to help you utilize innovative technology to reach your goals.

shift provides the groundwork and tools to formulate a strategy for implementing technological and process innovations.”
Pat Pierce, lsi-ny

The Shift Process


Complete a Business Assessment to evaluate manufacturers' key business risks and capacity for innovation.


Participate in a series of workshops led by industry experts to learn about the latest technological innovations and process innovations that position your business for growth.


Schedule an Innovation Audit led by EWI and Insyte engineering specialists, at the manufacturer' facility to identify opportunities for innovation.


Implement innovations and improvements to stay competitive and drive growth. 

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