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Our workshop schedule for 2019-2020 is designed to show you how innovation can help move your manufacturing business forward. It will provide you insight into the latest technology trends, how you can apply them to your business, and prepare you to translate that investment into long-term impact – all for no cost to you. At the end the program, you will have a strong foundation from which to better operate, compete and grow.

bringing together manufacturers of different sizes and industries to engage in thought provoking conversations.”
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Shift Workshop Descriptions

Options Testing

Test the viability of the strategic options developed in the Strategic Planning
workshop. Learn how to calculate ROI, test options with customers,
and evaluate and compare options. Additionally, this workshop will address how to develop business
cases for the option that are tailored to different types of stakeholders.

Introduction to

This workshop will be a high-level overview of the different technologies that should matter to you today, including: Internet of Things, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Materials Characterization, and Advanced Materials. By the end of this workshop, attendees will have a high-level understanding of advanced manufacturing technologies and the value they can bring to their organization.

Strategic Planning

This workshop will be focused on helping manufacturers think through how they want to grow and evolve in the short-, medium-, and long term. This course will use interactive tools to help attendees think through how to focus organizational priorities, particularly considering technological, competitive, and market pressures, and how to identify what needs to happen to implement priorities and position organizations for growth. This course will also have a focus on capital planning and financial projections. Attendees will work both in their team and learn from the other organizations attending.

Leadership development

This workshop is the first part of a year-long Leadership Development program.
During the workshop, participants will learn about important leadership
competencies, discuss how to implement competencies in their day-to-days,
conduct a self-assessment to identify leadership strengths and weaknesses, and
design a year-long Leadership Development Plan.


This workshop is designed for attendees to explore idea generation including what tools they can use to improve innovative thinking for new product development, process improvement, and business optimization. At the end of this workshop organizations will have an initial list of ideas, an ideation toolkit and a better understanding of how to drive ideation in their organization and what they can do to make it part of their company culture.

Robotics 101

Robotics 101 will introduce you to robotics and help apply and justify robotics and flexible automation for industry uses. Topics may include types of robots, robotic applications, safety, advancement in technologies, and current technology trends.

Change Management

This workshop will be focused on how to plan for, communicate, and implement change in organizations. Attendees will cover how to generate organizational support and momentum for change, and highlight strategies for managing the continuous implementation of change.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement is a broad survey workshop reviewing the basic methodologies of Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Value Stream Mapping. This workshop is ideal for senior leadership team members who seek to increase speed, throughput, capacity, and profit.

Additive Manufacturing 101

This workshop will review a series of case studies where Additive Manufacturing has been used effectively by industry. Ideally, this will help attendees understand the advantages and potential restrictions of investing in additive manufacturing. At the end of this course, attendees should have a basic understanding of additive manufacturing and its opportunities for their organization.


Participants will be exposed to a wide range of Lean principles, tools, and techniques and learn how to apply them through successive simulations resulting in significant performance improvement.

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