Pictured: The Shift Team during the Innovation Audit with Melissa Himes and Dale Gier of the Ring Precision Components.

Fundamental shifts are taking place across the manufacturing industry. Technology continues to advance rapidly, regulations are becoming more stringent, and consumers are demanding “faster, better, and cheaper.”

Amid the current manufacturing revolution,businesses must recognize and address what their pitfalls are to move manufacturing forward. Dale Gier, President at Ring Precision Components, is doing just that with the Shift program.

“As peers, you owe it to yourself to sit with Shift. You owe it to your company, you owe it to your communities,” remarked Gier.

Ring Precision Components, a high-precision component manufacturer in Jamestown, NY, conducted an internal survey and found the results shocking.  

Within the next five years, 25% of Ring Precision’s workforce planned to retire. With this information, Dale Gier was looking into how innovative technologies could help Ring Precision overcome their workforce struggles and stay competitive in an ever-changing market. Dale was introduced to Shift as a way to continue to learn about and adopt these new technologies.  

Admittedly, Gier and his team approached the first workshop with hesitation, but from the four-hour Strategic Planning workshop, Gier felt invigorated to overcome the anticipated workforce barrier and as a result, developed three new business strategies.  

“I came into the Shift program with an open mind, not understanding the value of the content until I attended my first workshop, Strategic Planning. In one room, manufacturers from different industries and sizes engaged in thought provoking conversations to uncover everyone is experiencing similar challenges and short comings,” said Gier.  

Over the next few months Gier and his team attended a series of workshops including Change Management, Leadership Development and Options Testing to continue to build out their plan and prepare for additional technology adoption.  

Ring Precision was the first company to complete a Shift Innovation Audit. A team of experts from Shift partners Buffalo Manufacturing Works and Insyte Consulting worked with the team to identify opportunities for technology and process solutions throughout their organization. This process included interviews, a floor tour and collaborative discussions about how technology can support Ring Precision’s long-term goals and strategic plan.